Refugees and citizens in East-Central Europe in the 20th century

Lidia Zessin-Jurek and Katharina Friedla interviewed by the Jewish Museum Galicia

“Saved” in the East, or “Survivors” of the East? Even today there is still a disagreement on how we should perceive Jewish refugees from Poland, who were deported by Stalin to Siberia. Only now the memory of their experience and loss comes out of the great shadow cast by the Nazi extermination and the shadow of the Polish, Catholic experience in Siberia, the “Calvary of the East”.

The Unlikely Refuge? team member Lidia Zessin-Jurek together with Katharina Friedla were interviewed by Adam Szostkiewicz for the Jewish Museum Galicia.

Please listen to the podcast available in Polish or visit the website of the Jewish Museum Galicia for more information in English.