Refugees and citizens in East-Central Europe in the 20th century

Doina Anca Cretu on the World War, Refugees, and the Epidemics for the Experiencing Epidemics Podcast

Listen to the final episode of the Experiencing Epidemics Podcast series with Doina Anca Cretu (UnRef), co-hosted by Ian Hathaway, Jorge Díaz Ceballos, and Gašper Jakovac.

In the episode titled The World War, refugees, and the long history of epidemics, Doina Anca Cretu explores some facets of a terrible humanitarian and health crisis that took place in a war-torn Europe during World War I. By July 1915 Austria-Hungary was the site of this “unprecedented” crisis: the military had received massive losses, the state was struggling economically, poverty was growing, and on top of everything a mass displacement of people emerged. She guides us in the reading of several sources about or by these displaced individuals to explore their experiences of epidemics, which were quickly becoming infused by scientific discourse.

Source: Experiencing Epidemics Podcast